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Hunting Checklist
Use these exhaustive checklists to whittle down to the particulars for your own hunt.
Undershirts (2-4)
Long underwear bottoms-synthetic (1-2)
Pants-wool or synthetic (2 pair)
Shirts-wool or synthetic (2-3 long sleeve)
Gloves (2 pair-wind block fleece or wool & a weatherproof shell)
Leather gloves (horseback hunters)
Hat (1 light & 1 warm)
Raingear-tops & bottoms
Jacket (1 heavy, 1 light (wear to camp))
Vest (down or fleece for cold-weather periods)
Handkerchiefs (2-4)
Travel clothes (wear to & from camp)
Boots (2 pair) w/new laces, well-treated
Rubber hip boots for later moose hunts
Camp shoes (lightweight)
Gore-Tex socks
Blister kit (moleskin & athletic tape)
Sleeping bag (mummy style)
Waterproof stuff sack (or hydro seal sack)
Stocking cap or headband
Hunting Equipment
Large pack (backpack hunters) w/rain cover, 2 nylon straps (3') & extra waist buckle
Daypack (horseback/riverboat hunters)
Binoculars-waterproof (min 7 power/30mm obj.)
Lens cleaner/cloth
1 compact hunting knife (sharp)
1 compact knife sharpener
Hard weapon case (commercial flight)
Soft case (for trip on floatplane)
Rifle Hunters
Gun and scope (appropriate to species hunted)
Scope cover (bikini or flip-up type)
1-2 boxes of shells (premium factory or reloads) & shell holder compact cleaning rod
Cotton patches (1-2 dozen)
Bore cleaner
Electrical tape
Oil or was & gun grease (rust prevention)
Compound or traditional bow (record brace height, knocking point, axle-axle, etc.)
Extra string and/or cables (shot in)
Extra rest & sight pins
2 release4s (mechanical, tab or glove)
Bow sling
Moleskin or adhesive fleece for arrow rest area
Arrows (1-2 dozen)
Bludgeon, field & judo points (2-3 each)
Broadheads (sharp)-1 dozen (3-4 fixed-blades preferred)
Compact/portable bow press
Allen wrenches
String wax & string silencers
Muzzleloader Hunters
Gun (.50 or .54 caliber)
Twenty 300-gr. Or larger sabot-type slugs
Pyrodex pellets or equivalent (90 gr. Min. load)
Magnum caps
Quick loaders (2-3)
Breech tool
Allen wrench
Cleaning rod & jag
Bullet puller
Breech plug grease/lube
Cleaning patches
Old toothbrush
Cleaning solvent (or use hot water/soap)
Waterproof bag/sack
Electrical tap
Camera-compact w/extra batteries & waterproof case (zip-top bag)
Film-print (100-400 speed) and/or slide
Flashlight/headlamp w/extra batteries & bulb
Water bottle
Matches in waterproof container & butane lighter
Bug repellent (seasonal)
Compass w/mirror
Sunglasses w/head strap
Zip-top bags (4-5 one gallon size)
Garbage bags (203 heavy-duty kitchen or larger compactor type bags best)
Pillowcase (2-3 old ones for taking home capes, boned meat & dirty clothes)
Book (small paperback)
Hunting & fishing license
Airline ticket, passport, wallet, credit card & ID)
Trophy fees (U.S. cash or traveler's checks)
Toothbrush, toothpaste & dental floss
Liquid soap (1-2 ox. unscented, for hair & body)
Toilet paper (Kleenex picket packs or TP in a zip-top bag)
Lip balm w/SPF 10 minimum
Small towel & wash cloth
Deodorant (baking soda or no-scent type)
Prescription medication (if required)
Glasses or contacts (if required)
Ibuprofen or aspirin
Nail clippers
Additional Equipment (Backpack Hunters)
Stream crossing shoes (Nike Aqua socks or Glacier socks if using plastic boots)
Sleeping pad (3/4 or full-length)
Spotting Scope-variable or 30-power fixed
Tripod-compact (less than 2 lbs)
Video camera
Fishing pole & reel (3 piece or smaller)
Gators (Schnee's Gore-Tex fleece-highly recommended)
Hip boots
Disposable razor Sunblock
Bivy sack
Flagging tape
White painter's suit & lack kneepads (goat hunters)
Face paint or camo facemask/head net (bow hunters)
Safety blanket (lightweight foil type)
Extra limbs (bow hunters)
Water filter
Trekking pole or walking stick (backpack hunter-highly recommended)
Baby wipes
Athletes' foot/jock itch cream
Small notepad & pencil/pen
Leather scabbard (horseback hunters)
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